Passport control - Passport control – yes or no?

At Schiphol, not everyone has to go through passport control. You can find out here whether this applies to you. However, make sure you always have your passport or ID with you.

Passport control

No passport control within the Schengen zone

Many European countries have simplified cross-border travel, and people can move freely within the Schengen zone. You only have to go through the standard passport controls if you arrive from outside the Schengen zone.

Standard passport control

If you are travelling to or coming from a country that is outside the Schengen zone, you will go through passport control immediately after completing the security check. Make sure you check that your identity card, passport and visa (if required) are still valid before you travel. Please remember that some countries require several months’ validity in your passport from the time you enter the country concerned.

Passport scanners

Self-service facilities are being used more and more at Schiphol – like automated border controls. Citizens over 16 with an EU passport can scan in at the automated controls. It’s much faster to do that than queue – simply follow the instructions at the gate.

How passport scanners work

Always travel with valid identification

You must always be able to identify yourself when you travel, even when you don’t need to show your passport. To be on the safe side, always carry your passport or identity card with you. Within the EU, an identity card is sufficient. Outside the EU, you will need a valid passport as identification.

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