Opening hours shops and catering facilities at Schiphol: Enjoy extended opening hours

Schiphol is open all day, every day. Whether you fancy breakfast, lunch or dinner – or just a spot of shopping – there is bound to be something open. Visit your favourite brand name shops, or enjoy tasty food and drink at the on-site restaurants and cafés. Then be on your way with a smile!

House of Tulips

Opening hours before security

The shops at Schiphol Plaza (before security) have very long opening hours. Most of them are open from 07:00 to 22:00. Some catering facilities and the larger Albert Heijn are open until 00:00 and some others even around the clock. Also good to know: between 00:00 and 04:00, Schiphol Plaza and the arrivals and departures halls are only accessible to travellers, persons who pick up someone and staff.

Opening hours after security

The shops after security are opened from one and a half to one hour before departure of the first flight. They only close thirty minutes before departure of the last flight. Some catering facilities are even open 24 hours a day. So, come to the airport in time and enjoy what Schiphol has to offer.