Dining inspiration: Dine in or take out

You will never need to worry about bringing a packed lunch with you at Schiphol! You will find a great selection of places to eat and drink throughout the airport, from something simple and tasty to deliciously decadent.

Dutch-style snacks

Go Dutch with your friends and associates and have a 'borrel'. A borrel is a Dutch term that encompasses food, drink and conversation. The food part of that equation is typically 'borrelhapjes'(deep fried snacks), which include bitterballen (croquettes), kaassoufflé (mini cheese bites) and other yummy treats. Why not start your own borrel at Grand Café Plaza, Crossroads, Hello Goodbye Bar, La Place Restaurant, Café Rembrandt or LEON.

Groceries and quick snacks

Pick up some groceries or drinks while on the go. There are many places to buy fast food and snacks in Schiphol Plaza, like the Albert Heijn supermarket, Burger King and Pizza Per Tutti. You can also enjoy Dutch-style french fries at Vlaamse Frites, cakes and pastries from Café Viran or Asian fusion from Toko to go.

Healthy food and drink

There's no need to skimp on your diet – Schiphol has many bistros, restaurants and cafés that cater to the health-conscious. Virtually all restaurants have healthy choices on the menu, and many are dedicated to healthy choices like Sushi Daily, Dutch & Delicious, Happy Seafood, La Place Restaurant and LEON.