By car from Schiphol: Rent a car

From the moment you touch down in the Netherlands to the moment you leave, there’s nothing more convenient than a rental car. You’ll be pleased to know that the country is very easy to explore by car, with well-developed motorways and excellent connections between cities.

Car Rental Sales and Service Desk

You’ll find representatives from many well-known car rental agencies at Schiphol. Once you’ve reached the arrivals hall, simply follow the ‘car rental’ signs. The Car Rental Sales and Service Desk is located to the far right of Schiphol Plaza. Their representatives will be pleased to help you, whether you’ve reserved online or would like to rent a car on-the-spot.

You won’t need to brave the elements to collect your car either. It’s a quick 5-minute walk through a covered walkway from Schiphol Plaza to the car park building. Simply rev up, put your pedal to the metal and let your journey begin!

Pick-up and drop-off

Schiphol is easy for pick-up and drop-off. You can simply pull over into the parking bays, which are located right outside the 3 departure halls. You can only park in the bays for a minute or two. If you need to park for a little longer, simply head to the car park buildings, which are no more than a few minutes walk away.