Brexit & Privium

The United Kingdom (UK) is leaving the European Union. As of January 1 2021 Brexit will be a fact and the rules of a so-called “third country” will apply for the United Kingdom. However, even after the Brexit date of January 1, Privium will continue to provide their UK Privium members with a quicker border passage than the regular border passage. Here, you can find general Brexit information.

I am a Privium member with a UK passport. What will change for me?

You are a Privium member and you will continue to be a Privium member. So even after January 1t 2021, when Brexit is a fact, your Privium membership will be valid and the privileges will be still available to you. What will change is the fact that the Dutch government will come with an additional demand for British passport owners. Your passport needs to be stamped when entering and departing the EU, which will take place directly after passing through the Privium gate. This means you will be referred to the desk of the Dutch Royal Marechaussee. You can continue to make use of the Privium gates and you will not have to stand in a waiting line.