Delays and cancellations on July 5th due to bad weather (liveblog closed)

Last update: 6 July 2023, 16:32, Amsterdam

Due to strong gusts of wind, rain and poor visibility caused by storm Poly, very limited air traffic was possible between 09:00 and 16:00 on Wednesday July 5th. Both arriving and departing flights have been cancelled or delayed and the flight schedule has been disrupted for the rest of the day.

Schiphol finds it unfortunate that this may have impact on your journey.


Are you flying from or to Schiphol? Check the current flight information before travelling to the airport. Has your flight been cancelled or delayed? Please contact your airline for more information. Follow the liveblog below for updates on the situation at Schiphol.

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  • Liveblog closed

    This live blog is now closed. The information you read here may be outdated. Has your flight been cancelled? Please contact your airline for more information.

    Before leaving for the airport, please check the updated flight information and travel well prepared. Have a nice evening!

  • Train traffic around Schiphol slowly resumed

    NS announces that some trains will be running to and from Schiphol tonight. Before you depart, plan your trip at

  • Book a time slot before you fly

    With airlines rebooking passengers to flights in the coming days and summer holidays starting, we expect to welcome extra travellers. As a result, you may sometimes have to wait for check-in, security or passport control. Are you flying from Schiphol in the coming days? Book a free time slot for security now. Make sure you are checked in and at security at your self-booked time, and you will have a smooth start to your journey.

  • More flights to and from Schiphol this afternoon

    As weather conditions improve, the number of flights to and from Schiphol will gradually improve during the afternoon. However, the flight schedule will remain disrupted for the rest of the day. Please check the latest flight information here.

    We are working with airlines to help as many travellers as possible fly out today. Airlines are rebooking passengers on available alternative flights. These flights may go in the coming days. For more information, please contact your airline.

  • Still no trains to and from Schiphol

    The NS and Prorail say it is not yet known whether trains to and from Schiphol will resume running today. Once the storm subsides, they will assess the damage and only then will more be known about train traffic. Want to travel to or from the airport by train? Keep an eye on the updates on or consider another form of transport.

  • Bus services gradually resume

    Connexxion expects buses to gradually resume service, but advises to take into account delays and cancelled rides. Travelling by bus to or from Schiphol? Check before you leave.

  • Wind eases this afternoon, currently code orange

    Meteorological Institute KNMI indicates that winds will start to decrease during the afternoon. Currently, (very) strong wind gusts of 100-120 km/h may still occur near Schiphol, for which a code orange is in place.

  • 400 flights cancelled

    At the moment, 400 flights to and from Schiphol have been cancelled. This number may increase further this afternoon. Keep a close eye on the updated flight information.

  • Busy times for airline customer service

    Due to the many cancelled flights today, the airline where you booked your ticket is very busy. It may therefore take some time before you get in touch with customer service there about rebooking your flight. Unfortunately, Schiphol cannot help you with this. Thank you for your patience!

  • No buses to and from Schiphol

    Due to the storm, there are no buses running to and from Schiphol Airport. Check for updates. You can use the taxi instead.

  • Storm causes disruption to road traffic

    The situation on the roads around Schiphol is dangerous, according to Rijkswaterstaat, due to branches on the road, strong gusts of wind and heavy rain. Take care if you have to travel on the road and check the current traffic situation first at

  • KNMI issues code red for North Holland

    KNMI, The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, has issued a weather alarm for the province of North Holland and north-western Netherlands. There will be very heavy wind gusts of 100-120 km/h and locally even more. For updates, visit

  • No train traffic to and from Schiphol

    Due to adverse weather conditions, the NS has suspended train traffic to and from Schiphol and other stations in North Holland. Travelling by train today? Check for updates.