Strike NS on 9 September: limited to no train traffic

Last update: 11 September 2022, 09:21, Amsterdam

Trade unions FNV Spoor, VVMC and CNV have announced strikes for tomorrow, 9 September. This means that no train traffic is possible nationwide on this day. The NS will keep Schiphol accessible by running trains via the Utrecht Central – Amsterdam South – Schiphol Airport route. A train will run 4 times an hour in both directions until 8 pm., 2x per hour from 8 pm. to 12 pm. and 1x per hour from 12 pm. to 4 am.

Travellers heading to Amsterdam can transfer onto the metro at Amsterdam South. Due to the strike, we expect more traffic on the roads around the airport and ask you to take extra travel time into account.


If you’re travelling to or from Schiphol Airport in this period, please note that travelling by train will be limited and trains and stations can be crowded.

If you’re travelling by car, taxi or Uber, please try carpooling or share your taxi ride. Check live traffic information (Dutch only), before you depart. Or check for alternative transport. If you do want to travel by train, plan your trip with the NS Travel Planner or Travel Planner Xtra app.

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