8 January – 5 April: Lifts to and from Schiphol train station out of service

Last update: 19 December 2022, 14:51, Amsterdam

The lifts to and from the platforms in the train station below Schiphol Plaza are being renovated. As a result, train travellers arriving at or departing from Schiphol train station will not be able to make use of the lifts. In addition, some escalators and stairwells are also temporarily out of use (one escalator or stairwell per platform). The other escalators, stairs and moving ramps are accessible.

If you need to use the lifts when getting on or off the train or when changing trains, perhaps due to a physical disability, you can request NS Travel Assistance. In that case, you travel to an alternative train station and a taxi will pick you up and bring you to Schiphol. If you are travelling from Schiphol, NS Travel Assistance will arrange a taxi to take you to another station where you can continue your train journey. We advise you to take a longer travel time into account.


If you are travelling by train to or from Schiphol between 8 January and 5 April, bear in mind that the lifts are out of service. Check the NS Journey Planner or request NS Travel Assistance using the NS app. Please take longer train travel times into account.

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