Options offered on the Schiphol website and in the app: Your personal travel assistant

We want to make sure travellers have personalised travel advice, 24 hours a day, so we base the advice on data and on each traveller’s individual situation and preferences. Because a lot of travellers look up their flight information online, Schiphol shares travel advice on www.schiphol.nl and in the Schiphol app. Travellers can view up-to-date flight information; find shops, restaurants, airline lounges and other facilities using our floor plans; reserve a parking space; and arrange their transportation to Schiphol. Privium members even have access to the ‘My Schiphol’ personalised online environment on the Schiphol website.

Personalised itineraries and flight updates

When travellers search the website or the app for a flight number, all the key flight information is displayed straight away. We show the full itinerary, including the latest information on waiting times at the security filter. Travellers can opt to be kept up to date on the status of their flight by activating flight updates by text message or push notification. That way, travellers will be informed of circumstances such as a delay or a gate change as soon as possible.

Booking a parking space

More and more people are doing business on the move, including things like booking a hotel room. Schiphol’s goal is for travellers to be able to book themselves a parking space at the airport as easily as possible. The website and the Schiphol app offer travellers a range of parking options, as well as the ability to book their desired spot in an instant.

My Schiphol

This part of the Schiphol website offers travellers their own personalised space. Although at the moment it is reserved for Privium members, soon all travellers will be able to create a My Schiphol account. Privium members can use My Schiphol to view, manage and update their details on all their devices, wherever and whenever they like. And that’s not all – they can also book their Privium Plus parking space and view their Privium invoices.

With the website and app, you have everything you need in your pocket

  • Real-time flight information and updates
  • Personalised itineraries for departing flight services
  • Up-to-date waiting times at security so travellers can avoid long queues
  • Quick and easy parking reservations
  • Discounts with the Shopping @Schiphol voucher in the app
  • An interactive map so travellers can find their way around the airport
    Schiphol is continually improving the website and the app to give travellers an even better service.

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