Tap and go with your Digital Travel Credential!

We've already gotten used to checking in online before going to the airport. But what if you could go through some of the checks for boarding and the border crossing in advance? At home, with the help of an app? Then, when you arrive at Schiphol, you can move through the airport faster because the gates only need to do a quick identity check. Just look in the camera, 'tap' your passport at the gate and walk through! At the request of the European Commission, and together with the government and KLM, we're testing the Digital Travel Credential (DTC) at Schiphol.

For the EU

The European Commission asked the Netherlands to conduct a DTC pilot. We're investigating whether it's feasible for travellers to register for boarding and border control at home. The aim is to make the boarding and border crossing procedures smoother and more efficient, so that travellers can board quickly when departing from Schiphol and cross the border faster when arriving. The results of this pilot will be shared with the European Commission. The EU is working on legislation for a digital passport, with which future use of the DTC could be made possible.

Why a DTC?

It is important to Schiphol to further optimise the border and terminal processes for the almost 70 million travellers at the airport. We also want to ensure safety at the airport and external borders, and offer travellers an experience they may expect from an airport like Schiphol. By enabling the travellers to do part of the border registration process at home, time will be saved at the airport and queues shortened.

How it works

Travellers flying to the Netherlands from Canada with KLM who have a Dutch, Belgian or Canadian passport can participate in the pilot throughout March. You must be aged 18 or over to participate. Before your journey, download the DTC app and sign up by using your phone to read the chip in your passport. Then you take a selfie, which will be checked against the photo in your passport. Finally, through the app you share the necessary data with KLM for boarding the plane and with the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee for border passage at Schiphol. That way, the Marechaussee can perform all checks before you arrive at the airport. Then, all you need to do at Schiphol is 'tap’ and go. Welcome (back) to the Netherlands!

Our partners

The pilot is a collaboration between the Dutch government, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, KLM, Schiphol and Idemia.

EN Co-funded by the EU POS

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