Interview Sandy van der Tuin, product owner, Digital:: Smart security for odd-size baggage

Sandy van der Tuin, product owner Digital, Schiphol

‘Some odd-size baggage can’t be transported to the baggage basement on the odd-size belt, but needs to go via the odd-size lift instead. This can happen because the baggage is too heavy, as in the case of a scooter. A baggage handler accompanies the baggage on its journey. In the past, a security officer would stand in the basement to ensure the baggage handler didn’t enter it, because they hadn’t been screened. In order to ensure that the security process is 100%-compliant and more efficient, we’ve replaced this security surveillance with an IOT (Internet of Things) solution. It’s based on sensors. At the bottom of the lift, the sensors scan whether a person is present. The door to the baggage basement will then only open if there is no non-screened person present. The baggage handler in the basement then takes the odd-size item to the X-ray.’