The odd-size security process is 100%-compliant : Smart security for odd-size baggage

Some odd-size baggage can’t be transported to the baggage basement on the odd-size belt, but needs to go via the odd-size lift instead. This can happen because the baggage is too heavy, as in the case of a scooter. A baggage handler accompanies the baggage on its journey. In the past, a security officer would stand in the basement to ensure the baggage handler didn’t enter it, because they hadn’t been screened.

In order to ensure that the security process is 100%-compliant and more efficient, we’ve replaced this security surveillance with an IOT (Internet of Things) solution. It’s based on micro movement sensors and camera images. At the bottom of the lift, the sensors scan whether a person is present. The door to the baggage basement will then only open if there is no non-screened person present. The baggage handler in the basement then takes the odd-size item to the X-ray.

For more information take a look this video

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