Will my flight from Schiphol this summer go ahead?

Schiphol is going to limit the number of travellers that can depart from the airport each day. This summer, we want to avoid the kind of situations we were seeing over the past few weeks, with extremely long queues and people (almost) missing their flights. That’s why we unfortunately need to take this tough measure. We understand that you want to know what this means if you are flying from Schiphol in the coming weeks. Here’s an overview of the most important information.

This is an extreme measure. Is it really necessary?

We are taking this measure with a very heavy heart. We want nothing more than to welcome all travellers with open arms. A lot is possible at Schiphol this summer, but the demand for air travel is exceeding even the most optimistic of expectations. At the same time, the labour market is very tight. As a result, there are too few security employees to check all the travellers who want to fly this summer. Not intervening would mean unmanageable queues and many travellers would miss their flight. That would lead to unsafe situations for both travellers and staff.

Will this measure apply the whole summer?

No, this applies to the period from 7 July to 31 July. At the end of June, it was decided that the maximum number of passengers will be increased in August. You can read more about that in this press release.

How will this measure affect my flight?

If fewer travellers can fly on any given day, the independent slot coordinator (ACNL) will determine a distribution and airlines will decide how to tackle that. They will do everything they can to keep consequences for travellers to a minimum. They will rebook as many travellers as possible, reschedule flights to other airports and stop selling seats. But flights will also be cancelled. The consequences of the measure will vary from day to day, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We understand that this uncertainty is inconvenient for you.

If flights are cancelled, how many exactly?

It’s not possible to say how many flights will be affected by this measure. There are always a certain number of flights being cancelled. The consequences of this measure vary per day. In the outlook for these weeks in July, there are 13.500 seats on average too many each day relative to security staff. It’s a logical consequence that some flight will be canceled.

Who will contact me in the event the flight or trip I booked isn’t going ahead?

The airline or tour operator you booked with. Schiphol would like to emphasise that they are currently busy finding a solution for the days when fewer travellers can fly. We understand that you want to know as soon as possible and that waiting is difficult. As soon as they know about any changes affecting you, they will get in touch.

When will I hear if I can fly?

A couple of weeks in advance. The airlines will soon hear from the slot coordinator (ACNL) on which days there are too many travellers. If there are changes to your booking, they will let you know as soon as possible. We regret that airlines have to make these difficult decisions regarding their travellers. But by already indicating when the airport will be too busy, the disruption for travellers and airlines is less than if action had to be taken just before departure.

Can’t Schiphol take other measures?

Schiphol has already taken several measures to ensure a better balance between the number of travellers relative to security officers and to reduce crowds in the terminal. Schiphol and the security companies are doing all they can to retain employees, and to recruit and train new staff. These efforts are supported by the salary arrangements recently made by Schiphol, including a summer supplement. Schiphol is also working hard to improve the flow of passengers in the terminal.

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