Vegan at Schiphol: Planty of vegan options at Schiphol

Feel like plant-based snacks before your journey continues? At Schiphol, we have plenty of planty, eh vegan options for you! How about meat-free burgers, sushi and pizza’s? Or sweet potato soup, salads and smoothies? You only have to ask for it. Join us on a vegan journey of discovery at the airport!

Plant-based snacks

As soon as you walk into Schiphol Plaza from outside, you’ll see the Health Food Wall. This food is indeed very healthy – the meal options are put together by a dietician and do not contain unnecessary additives. What’s more, one of the six available options does not contain meat. At the time of writing, the vegan meal on offer here was a dish of roasted vegetables and chickpeas with a harissa dressing. Sounds delicious!

Cauliflower pizza base

Always a popular choice at Schiphol, Pizza Per Tutti! offers travellers a taste of Italy. And our vegan travellers can now enjoy these authentic pizzas topped with the freshest ingredients too. You won’t find a vegan pizza listed on the menu, but the staff will be happy to make a plant-based pizza for you on request. You can even choose between a standard or cauliflower base. Pizza Per Tutti! is located at Schiphol Plaza, next to Starbucks and opposite the Albert Heijn supermarket.

Meat-free burgers and nuggets

When you think of Burger King, you might think of beef burgers and chicken nuggets. Surely no place for a vegan? But actually, this famous fast food outlet now has meat-free Whoppers and non-chicken nuggets on its menu, all served with egg-free mayonnaise (or ketchup, if that’s more your thing). Burger King can be found at Schiphol Plaza, you can’t miss it.

Sandwiches en smoothies

Up To Do Good is a sustainable concept store and café. And being sustainable, they offer several vegan food options. How about a Brazilian-style açaí bowl with fresh fruit? Açaí is a type of berry that grows on palm trees in South American rainforests and it’s full of antioxidants. The berry is turned into a kind of sorbet and then served with various toppings, like fruit. Great for breakfast or as a filling snack. If you’re a bit more peckish or fancy something savoury, go for the vegan toasted sandwich filled with avocado and dairy-free cheese.

SaLad Place?

In Lounge 1, you’ll find a place that looks a bit like a restaurant and a bit like a market. Spread across the long bar are a variety of freshly prepared meals and snacks, including vegan-friendly ones. The sweet potato soup is completely plant based, and the salad bar is comprised of a wide range of salads, grilled vegetables, pulses and condiments. They also have a great variety of fresh juices and smoothies.

Super vegan sushi

How does fresh made-to-order sushi containing locally-sourced ingredients sound? At East Asian brasserie Kebaya, the chefs will be happy to make vegan sushi on request. You can even watch them prepare your food through the glass walls while you wait. Head to Holland Boulevard if you fancy some Japanese cuisine while you wait for your flight.

Roll on plants

The Dutch love their sandwiches and it’s not uncommon for them to eat bread at least twice a day. It therefore goes without saying that Schiphol has a top-quality establishment where travellers can sample this local favourite. Amsterdam Bread Co. in Lounge 2 has a varied selection of sandwiches and baked goods, prepared with seasonal and local food. The vegan option currently on the menu is a hummus and avocado sandwich, but you can always ask the staff about other plant-based possibilities.

In the mood for food? Get a taste of what else Schiphol has to offer.

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