Inspiration for your next holiday

Now we’re nearing winter, the summer holiday seems a long way away. A good time to start thinking about your next trip! Perhaps you still have travel plans for this year, or maybe you’re looking at the options for 2023. Recently we've added some new direct destinations that are definitely worth considering.

City trip to cultural hub Aarhus

Scandinavia is becoming more and more popular as a holiday destination. Aarhus is joining Copenhagen, Billund and Aalborg on our list of Danish destinations. It’s a one-hour flight away and therefore a great city trip. In the ARoS art museum you’ll find a large collection of modern and contemporary art. If you prefer to go back in time, walk through Den Gamle By (the old town) – an open-air museum that houses a collection of 75 historical buildings from across Denmark. You can also enjoy wandering through the cozy streets of the city centre. Be sure not to miss the colourful Møllestien! For food and drink, head over to Aarhus Street Food. In this former bus garage you will find stalls with delicacies from all corners of the world

Cozy street in Aarhus

Flying to Aarhus

When: starting 30 October 2022
Frequency: Daily
Airline: KLM
Flight time: 1 hour
Bonus tip: For a great view of the city, you can visit the roof terrace of the Salling department store. And the rainbow panorama on the roof of the ARoS museum also offers magnificent vistas.

Katowice, creative industrial city

Katowice, in south-eastern Poland, grew into a city thanks to industry. You can learn all about that at the Silesian Museum, located at the site of an old coal mine. Permanent and temporary exhibitions tell you about the history of the city and the Silesia region, but there’s also a look to the future with modern art installations. On the edge of town you’ll find the distinctive neighbourhood of Nikiszowiec. This area used to house factory workers, but it’s now a trendy and creative place full of restaurants and bars. Creativity can be found everywhere in Katowice and there are impressive murals dotted around the city. A great way to discover them is by going on a street art tour. Another, almost otherworldly, eye-catcher is the Spodek Arena that looms up in the centre of the city like a kind of flying saucer. Concerts, sports competitions and events are held here.

Flying to Katowice

When: starting 30 October 2022
Frequency: Daily
Airline: KLM
Flight time: 1 hour and 50 minutes
Bonus tip: You can also fly to 5 other cities in Poland from Schiphol: Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Wroclaw and Poznan.

Beaches and wild nature in Asturias

The best way to discover this wild coastal region in the north-west of Spain is by road trip. That way, you can take your time to explore various picturesque villages along the coast and in the mountains. Don’t forget your walking books – a hike through the stunning Picos de Europa is a must! There, you can enjoy spectacular views and dramatic landscapes, as well as spot birds of prey, mountain goats and perhaps even bears. Take some time to relax in the pretty places along the coast where you’ll find countless bays, high cliffs and the most beautiful beaches. In the region's capital, Oviedo, you can stroll through the medieval streets. In addition to the famous cathedral, the centre offers a lot of cozy squares and the whole city is full of beautiful statues.

Flying to Asturias

When: starting 30 October 2022
Frequency: 2x per week (Thursday and Sunday)
Airline: Vueling
Flight time: 2 hours and 15 minutes
Bonus tip: If you fancy even more walking, the world-famous pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela goes through Asturias.

Disney Park Orlando

Exciting experiences in Orlando

Like warm weather? Orlando is a year-round destination with temperatures of around twenty degrees in December. Perfect for visiting one of the many theme parks in the state. After a two and a half year hiatus, Orlando is back as a direct destination starting this autumn. You can visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, one of the Disney parks, Universal Studios and Epcot. And space travel enthusiasts will have a great time at the Kennedy Space Center. At least as exciting is a visit to the Everglades. Book an airboat and soar over the water in search of alligators and other wildlife.

Flying to Orlando

When: starting 30 October 2022
Frequency: Daily
Airline: Delta Air Lines
Flight time: 10 hours and 5 minutes
Bonus tip: Attention shopaholics! In the gigantic Florida Mall you will find everything your heart desires. More than 250 stores including Macy's, Sephora, Bath & Body Works, Old Navy and Yankee Candle and an extensive food court will keep you entertained for a while.

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