Keep up to date with air traffic: Download the Notifly app

Notifly app icon Have you always wanted to know how many aircraft are expected to fly above your location? And would you like to follow air traffic on a map of Schiphol? Now you can with Notifly.

A special new app for air traffic around Schiphol. Stay informed on the current and expected number of aircraft flying overhead. Download the app now!

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  • Expected air traffic at your location

    See the air traffic you can expect at your location up to 24 hours ahead.

  • Live runway use and air traffic

    Get insight into the live air traffic and which runways are in use for take-off and landing.

  • Tell us how you experience noise

    Help us by sharing how you experience aircraft noise at your location

Forecast up to 24 hours ahead

The Notifly app on your mobile phone or tablet allows you to check the current and expected number of aircraft flying overhead in the area around the airport. You can look up to 24 hours ahead and see an hourly indication of the number of planes you can expect above your location. You can also follow air traffic live and check current runway use on a map.

App for local residents

Notifly has been specially developed for people living close to Schiphol. So that you stay informed on how many aircraft will fly overhead and when. The forecast for a location only works if you live in one of the municipalities surrounding Schiphol. Sometimes, there may be more planes flying above your location due to the weather conditions or runway maintenance. In that case, Notifly will send you a notification (if desired) so that you immediately know why you are hearing more planes.

How is air traffic predicted?

The Notifly app uses a special forecast model to make the predictions as accurate as possible. This model processes a wide range of information, such as radar data and information about the wind and weather conditions (KNMI). The forecast model uses this input to search for similar conditions at the same time and date for which a prediction must be made. Afterwards, the model compares this prediction with the collected data to see whether the forecast was correct. If not, then how inaccurate was it? The model processes this new data and learns from it. That's how the predictions in Notifly get a bit better every time.