Interview with Geert Steenmeijer about the logistics hub: A project in its own right

Schiphol’s construction and renovation projects will get their own logistics hub. As an Interface Manager, Geert Steenmeijer ensures that the development of this construction site outside the N196 runs smoothly. As he explains, “There are many people, plans and excavators involved”.

Interfacemanager Schiphol Geert Steenmeijer

Interface Manager Geert Steenmeijer works with different logistical situations every day – like ensuring that construction projects run smoothly without stopping traffic in and around the airport; safely moving equipment to the centre of the airport; and transporting building materials to their destination in a safe and expedient manner. “Smooth construction projects begin with a well-organised logistics centre”, said Geert.

A smooth start

The logistics hub will be located south of Schiphol. The construction site will be approx. 225,000 square metres. There will be a park with an on-site workman’s shelter where hundreds of staff can work, gather, meet and change their clothes. In addition, there will be approx. 2,500 parking spaces, a shuttle service to Schiphol and a storage and transfer site for building materials. Geert said: “The logistics hub will be a lynchpin for everything and everyone to work efficiently at Schiphol”.

A giant piece of land

The future location of the logistic hub will offer all of the necessary space to realise Schiphol's plans. "It's a giant plot of land," said Geert. "With some adjustments to the surrounding roads, it’s only a few minutes’ drive to the centre of Schiphol." These adjustments include a separate lane from Rijkerstreek (Road) to the hub. There will also be new entrances, traffic lights and an intersection added. Traffic simulations have been tried to ensure that inconvenience to local residents and traffic is kept to a minimum.

Ideas from many different parties

Geert's view is that the licensing process will be a big challenge. “There are several parties involved in all of our projects; this giant construction site is no different in that regard. For example, the district water board will be concerned with new crossings over important waterways, as well as the construction of publicly-accessible water to compensate for all the paved surfaces. The municipal and provincial governments will weigh in on the access roads. The Inspectorate for Environment and Transport will check whether we meet all of the conditions to prevent disturbances in the area, mainly because the hub is located under the Kaagbaan flight path. Finally, we must also keep in mind all of those living and working in the immediate surroundings”.

Many moving parts

Will building be a breeze after all that? Geert said: "I don’t think it will, but I also don’t foresee many technical difficulties. Everything will be in good hands with our house contractors, like building levees, digging trenches, laying asphalt and erecting temporary structures – as long as we plan ahead.

Day-to-day project management of the hub will be handled by of Aecom-DVP. This company won the tender and will lead the logistical part for a number of major projects in the coming years.