News: Here’s who is building the new pier

The new pier at Schiphol will be the most sustainable ever. With an area of 55,000 square metres, it will feature five gates for narrow-body aircraft on the north side and three gates for wide-body aircraft on the south side. And now we know who will build it: Ballast Nedam and TAV Construction. The two firms will work together to build the new pier, the gatehouses and the surrounding aircraft stands.

Published on: 12 April 2018

Mini terminal

The new pier, which will become operational in late 2019, somewhat resembles a terminal. Its design includes features such as security filters, border control, and space for shops and catering. And with three floors, it will be possible to keep passengers with different border and security statuses separate. ‘We are pleased to be collaborating with with Ballast Nedam and the Turkish firm TAV Construction’, says Birgit Otto of Royal Schiphol Group. ‘Together we can provide passengers and airlines with extra capacity, space and modern facilities.’

Read the full press release on the construction of Schiphol’s new sustainable pier by Ballast Nedam and TAV Construction.