News: Work begins on Schiphol Plaza bus station with the digging of test trenches

Work has begun on the renovation of the bus station at Schiphol Plaza. As of 13 May, 33 test trenches will be dug to map out underground cables and pipes at critical locations. This work is necessary so that the renovation of the bus station can start after the summer.

Jan Dellaertplein and bus station Schiphol

Published on: 29 April 2024

The exact location of cables and pipes can be determined by digging test trenches. For safety, we will place barriers around the test trenches. And we will always work on one test trench at a time, which will then be closed again at the end of the day. In some cases, the cordon may cause minor inconvenience to travellers.

Over the coming years, Schiphol’s bus station is being completely renovated. The existing bus stops are making way for a large new (covered) bus platform with three new stairways from the bus station to the train platforms. There is also going to be a new bicycle storage facility with room for 500 bikes. The renovation improves Schiphol’s accessibility by public transport. Travellers will be able to make use of the new transport hub as of 2027.