News: Holiday? Lifting and puzzling, is more like it!

Holiday? Was that when we lifted those enormous amounts of steel up to the third floor? Or the months we spent plotting and sectioning off the ceilings? The construction process keeps on rolling – holiday time or not. That’s how it has to be if we want to have the refurbished Departures finished on time.

Published on: 3 September 2018

Looking back

Here are just some of the mountains we climbed during the last holiday period:

  • The superstructure and the floor for the new staff restaurant (BPS). We lifted the steel for the construction to the third floor. Then it was time for our big concrete trick; after all, the structure needed a floor but how do you pour concrete at heights like this? Simple: by parking cement mixers on the drop-off road, attaching a hose measuring several hundred metres and running it via the roof of the Terminal to the new BPS. Just like that.
  • Painstaking work tool place in the Departures. Alert travellers will already have noticed that a lot of ceilings were open. That was so we could accurately identify and analyse all the various sections to make sure we don’t run into any surprises when we start the actual construction.
  • The toilet block in Lounge 1 was reopened on 30 July. The doors had been locked for almost six months to allow demolition and work on a lift shaft. They are now open again, much to everyone’s relief!

Holiday at last?

Not really. Duty calls. From September we will be getting to grips with the stairs and lifts to the Business Class Lounges. Then it will be time to produce the first customised furniture. And meanwhile work will continue to make the personnel restaurant wind and waterproof. Next it will be time to push ahead with the plans for the mezzanine floor and, in October, initial demolition work will begin. The open landing will then be dismantled, enabling us to bring in the steel for the mezzanine floor more easily in the last quarter of 2018.

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