News: Signed and sorted. Work to begin on Piers F and G

Work to begin on Piers F and G

Published on: 20 November 2017

Strukton, Lensvelt and ISSOS: everyone will be seeing these companies at Schiphol a lot this year and next. As of Monday 13 November, their partnership with Schiphol was made official with the signing of the contracts. These companies will be providing Pier F and part of Pier G with a new, modern look.

Upgrade of Piers F and G

In recent months, a lot of work has already taken place at Piers D to G, which will be undergoing renovation works until the end of 2021. The upgrade has already tackled the gate boarding areas, with a test area having been set up to allow passengers to get a feel of the new atmosphere and look. The upgrades of Pier F and part of Pier G will be the next major sub-project. And once they’re ready, D and E will follow.

Three new partnerships

The ceremonial contract signing has officially launched the three new partnerships:

  1. Strukton: coordinating contractor, both regarding construction and installation engineering aspects.
  2. Lensvelt: luxury furniture
  3. ISSOS: bespoke interior design

The signing of the agreements is by no means a paper tiger: preparation of the work is already underway.

Next steps

According to current plans, the empty gate F2 will shortly be set up as a workshop, construction and storage site. After that, Piers G and F will be renovated in a series of approximately 40 phases. As such, the changes will gradually become visible, with any inconvenience kept to a minimum. Passengers will be quick to reap the benefits of the work. New lavatory facilities, a small commercial plaza at G7, stunning walls and a larger commercial plaza with a range of catering and retail venues in the heart of Pier F. Plus: a large and comfortable sitting and waiting area on the landing at the back of Pier F.

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