News: Schiphol renovates and renews Lounge 2

Schiphol is in the process of renovating and renewing Lounge 2, the area after security for passengers with a non-Schengen destination. The food&beverage and retail area will undergo a new layout, creating space for additional stores. Schiphol aims to align with passengers' needs and enhance their travel experience through these renovations.

Published on: 8 February 2024

Throughout the renovation of Lounge 2, over a thousand square meters of floor space will be reorganized and redesigned, with an additional eight hundred square meters being added. The seating areas in the lounge will also be reconfigured and expanded, accompanied by adjustments to the walking routes.

Renovation in phases

The renovation is scheduled to continue until the end of 2024 and will be executed in multiple phases. The lounge will remain accessible to passengers throughout the entire renovation, although certain sections may be temporarily unavailable. Passengers can make use of the surrounding retail and food&beverage options, including those on the Holland Boulevard and in Lounge 3. Parts of the work are performed at night and in various stages, so disruptions for passengers, airlines, and employees will be minimized.