News: Preparatory work for MKS fully under way

The contractor BAM Bouw en Techniek has been working on the MKS part-project ‘Preparatory Work on Arrival Passage’ (Voorbereidende Werkzaamheden Aankomstpassage, VBW A) at the Koepelstraat since August, and their progress has become increasingly visible. BAM is currently laying out the ground with roads and walkways. The final part of this project, the construction of a number of buildings, will begin in January. The result will be an accessible and comfortable area. Facilities will include a covered walkway and sanitary block at the Koepelstraat and a waiting room at P41.

Published on: 20 December 2022

The temporary bus station for the Schiphol Tunnel Major Maintenance project (Groot Onderhoud Schipholtunnel, GOS) will be delivered in a few weeks and taken into use by NS in mid-December. NS will make use of this bus station to provide train replacement services during the train-free periods (so-called TVPs) needed for ProRail’s construction work. The first TVP will take place in week 10 of 2023.

Part-project VBW A will make it possible to transfer a number of transport functions from the existing Arrivals passage (Jan Dellaertplein) to the Koepelstraat. This will free up space at the Jan Dellaertplein to carry out work on the bus station. The first transport functions will be moved to the new location from May 2023. The accessibility of the airport and of airport-related processes will remain unchanged during the execution of these part-projects.