News: P2 is now closed

Parkeergarage P2 gaat plat

Published on: 29 September 2017

The P2 car park building was permanently closed on 1 October. Over 3,200 car spaces were removed to make way for our new pier and terminal. However, there’s no wrecking ball – the car park will be gradually dismantled in the coming months. A ‘test run’ begins in October, then the real work begins in November.

New pier and terminal to be built

A new pier and terminal will be built at Schiphol, which will make it even easier to travel smoothly and easily in the future. However, space is a precious commodity at Schiphol. We decided to remove the P2 car park in order to create much-needed space. P2 was closed on 1 October, but a number of great alternatives are available for parking at Schiphol.

New parking options

Instead of P2, you can now park for less than 48 hours at P1 Short-term Parking. If you’d like to park for more than 48 hours, simply head to P3 – or try out our new P6 Valet Parking service. At P6, you park near the terminal, hand us your keys and we park your car for you. When you return, your flight will be ready to go. All of that, and it costs no more than you used to pay at P2.

Check out the new parking options at Schiphol

Reusing materials as much as possible

Schiphol values sustainability and recycling. P2’s 1,500 concrete beam foundations will be used at Schiphol for various construction projects. P2’s lighting will be reused at our forthcoming Logistics Hub. Other materials, like barriers, EV Charge Points and ticket payment machines will get a second life elsewhere at Schiphol.