News: Depatures 1, pile 1

One milestone after another in our construction projects! The first pile for the expansion of Departures 1 was driven at the end of April. The expansion is an important sub-project in the redevelopment of the terminal to create more room and increase capacity.

Published on: 3 May 2018

The first pile in the Redevelopment of Terminal 1 project was driven into the ground between Skyport and Rembrandt. Contractors will soon be able to start pouring the concrete for the new technical basement, which will also serve as the foundation for the new stairway/lift. The pile-driving work behind Rembrandt has commenced. Digging work is also being done near the RNLM car park.

Important milestone reached

Project manager Paul Drewes of PLuS and Project Leader Hessel Stoel of VolkerWessels Bouw symbolically drove the first pile. “Symbolic, because instead of driving, we will be screwing piles”, says Hessel. “We have opted to use piles that will not cause vibration or noise disturbance. We screw the tubes into the ground and then fill them with reinforcement steel and concrete.” Paul says: “We are pleased to have reached this milestone. We can now get started on the next phase of the expansion. We need the expansion for the new stairway/lift to Departures 1 and the entryway to the Panorama Terrace.”

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