Redevelopment - Departures 1 and Lounge 1

Traveller numbers at Schiphol have continued to rise. To accommodate this growth, we are redeveloping and optimising Departures 1 and Lounge 1. The spaces will be renovated, refurbished and expanded beyond the current space constraints. In Departures 1, the mezzanine level should provide more space for security, check-in and waiting areas, among other things. We are also expanding the lounge, changing walking routes and increasing the variety of facilities. Works on Departures 1 and Lounge 1 begin in January 2018.


More space to sit, walk and wait

Departures 1 and Lounge 1’s new look can be summarised as follows – safe, efficient and comfortable. The space will be divided up in a smarter way, which will help to increase capacity. There will be more eateries, shops and facilities in Lounge 1, which will make the entire travel process much more comfortable across the board.

These are our plans


Safety comes first as the terminal is remodelled

Security expert Ramona Mochèl has been hard at work on the redesign of Departure Hall 1 and Departure Lounge 1 since December 2017. ‘We are remodelling a busy part of Schiphol, so safety is our absolute priority. We have no room for accidents.’

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