Redevelopment : Departures 1 and Lounge 1

The number of passengers at Schiphol continues to rise. In order to accommodate that growth, we are renovating, updating and extending Departures & Lounge 1. In Departure Hall 1, the addition of a new mezzanine will create more space for security, check-in and waiting areas. In the Lounge to the rear, we are also extending, adapting routes and increasing the range of facilities, such as catering outlets and shops. The result will be even more comfortable travel.

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Facts & figures

As the number of passengers travelling to and from Schengen countries increases sharply, extra capacity is needed in Departures & Lounge 1. In order to boost check-in and security capacity, while also expanding the lounge, we are redeveloping a smarter layout for Departure Hall 1, Lounge 1 behind it (the retail area) and the adjoining floors. This includes building a mezzanine to accommodate the security process in Departure Hall 1, just like the mezzanine floor in Departure Hall 2. That will free up more space for millions of passengers in the check-in area every year. In Lounge 1, routes will be improved and the range of facilities increased.


The security filter on the new mezzanine in Departure Hall 1 is scheduled to be up and running by mid-2020. We will complete the adaptation and extension of Departure Lounge 1 in early 2022.

Insiders info

  • Renovation Lounge 1: a major logistical challenge

    The design process for the new Departure Lounge 1 is now in full swing. But there is so much more to a redevelopment project on this scale. Hilde Eijkelkamp of the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Project Office (PLUS) has been immersed in the practical side of things for months.

  • Lounge 1: No longer just a ‘waiting area’

    Linda Rijlaarsdam from Consumers and Bianca Jansen from Operations are responsible for the design process of the new lounge being planned for Terminal 1. ' By designing it together, we should get the best results for passengers.’

  • Departure hall by day, construction site by night

    As soon as the last travellers have left Departure Hall 1 in the evening, Nico Bogaard and his colleagues starts their working day. They are building a mezzanine floor for the brand-new security filter.

  • Refurbished departure hall, new equipment

    Together with his colleagues, Perry van Kan is responsible for the new IT and security equipment in the refurbished Departure Hall.

  • Check-in and baggage drop in Departure Hall 1

    Programme manager Peter Flierman and process developer Janny Postma are taking a different approach to create more space for security and check-in.

  • Temporary security filter above Cockpitplein

    Project Manager Erica Esveld is leading the construction of a temporary security filter ... above Schiphol’s Cockpitplein.

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