News: Decision-making MHS Bus practically complete

The current bus station needs an upgrade, which is why we will be working on it as part of the MHS project. In the planning phase, new insights were obtained about the scope, construction duration, and costs. This is why we have amended the design and implementation approach. The decision-making for these amendments is as good as complete and we will commence construction after the summer of 2024. Before the summer we will already commence some preparatory work.

Published on: 22 February 2024

This project includes the creation of one large platform for the buses (at present there are two small ones) with a roof. We will also be constructing three new staircases from the train platforms directly to the bus station (see MHS connection to Bus). We will create a bicycle parking facility with around 500 parking spaces. And we will ensure that the surrounding area is redesigned to improve accessibility from road infrastructure to the new bus station. The pedestrian area of Jan Dellaertplein will be partially ‘cleaned up’ and the parking spaces for Schiphol taxis and P3 buses remain unchanged.

Making space

To achieve this, more space is needed at the current bus station. Several modes of transportation will therefore be assigned a new location. Crew transport and taxis ordered by app (TOBA) will relocate to the new Koepelstraat forecourt as of 26 February. The signage for vehicles and pedestrians has been modified for this purpose. The coaches will follow after the summer.

Cables and pipework

The first preparatory work on the bus station, focusing on cables and pipework, will commence in May 2024. From October, the setup of the new work area will follow. The bus station will remain in use during the abovementioned work. Many stops at the bus station will be temporarily moved elsewhere. During this period, passengers can follow the signs to the right stops. For this purpose we will be working closely with transport organisations including the Amsterdam Transport Authority and the bus companies. The existing bus stops and the taxiway for Schiphol taxis will remain in the same area.