Good preparation is half the work: Get the best exchange rate Travelex can offer

Be well prepared for your trip and order your foreign currency online before your departure. This way, you'll be prepared for whatever life throws your way, wherever you go. You'll feel more comfortable, particularly during the first few days of your trip.

Exchanging foreign currency

Will you be travelling soon to a country that uses a currency other than the euro? It’s a good idea to pick up some cash in that country’s currency and bring it with you. It’s always handy to have some cash with you, especially in the first few days of your trip or for unexpected circumstances during your stay. At GWK Travelex, you can exchange your euros into foreign currency with ease, and simply exchange it back to euros when you return.

Where can I get foreign currency?

You can order and exchange currency at any of our GWK Travelex locations at Schiphol. We always have British pounds and US dollars in stock. For other currencies, it’s a good idea to contact the GWK location in advance. That way, we can ensure that the currency you need is available in the amount you wish. We can make the currency available within a few workdays.

Order foreign currency at a discount

Ordering your foreign through our website is even easier. You’ll receive an attractive discount and benefit from the most attractive GWK Travelex exchange rates. Moreover, you won’t pay any commission on foreign currency you order online.

Why order foreign currency at GWK Travelex?

  1. The Netherlands’ currency specialist for 90 years.
  2. The global market leader in foreign currency exchange.
  3. Broad knowledge and expertise in foreign currency.
  4. Expert advice via the website or in our locations.
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