Schiphol Developer Center

Royal Schiphol Group is continuously improving the quality of the service experienced by both travellers and partners. We believe that open data is essential, and that it gives our staff members, our partners and the entire aviation community ‘superpowers’ that enable us to provide an outstanding service. Now our data is ready to be shared in a collection of application programming interfaces (APIs) at the Schiphol Developer Center.

Developer center

What data is Schiphol making available?

There are approximately 70,000 sensors at various locations around Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. All those air transport movements and all those travellers generate a huge amount of data, which is gleaned from the sensors but also from other information systems. This wealth of data gives us the power to better understand, manage and potentially even anticipate a range of processes, many of them highly complex.

Why use Schiphol’s APIs?

Schiphol’s APIs make it possible for our partners and other selected organisations to create innovative, digital solutions to improve traveller experience, streamline business processes and even create totally new products. Schiphol has made a conscious choice to promote open data. Data from Schiphol is already being used by Dutch national rail operator NS, KLM, Weeronline and ANWB (Royal Dutch Touring Club). Schiphol received more than 1.5 billion API requests in 2019.

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