Security checks to become more friendly and personal: Security pilot with actual travellers

In the summer of 2019, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol conducted a successful security pilot with travellers flying from Departure Hall 2.

Passenger experience and customer journey

At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the Passenger Experience (PX) Team focuses on improving various aspects of the passenger experience at the airport. The team used a map of a customer journey to work on improvements in a structured manner.

Testing improvement concepts in practice

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has identified a number of opportunities for improvement in the customer journey and translated these into improvement concepts in the focus areas of security, hygiene and baggage. In order to accurately determine the effect of these concepts on the passenger experience, Schiphol is using Living Labs.

Maaike: “Living Labs are test environments we use to try out our improvement concepts in practice. Right here at the airport, with actual passengers. This includes giving passengers a voice in which concepts we roll out, starting with security. In this process we use the Net Promoter Score, a method used to measure customer satisfaction.”

Customized and personal approach to airport security

Many travellers feel the security process is impersonal and sometimes even nerve-wracking. Maaike: “Interviews with passengers, employees and experts have resulted in various possible solutions for making the security process more personal. By providing more information about the various steps in the security process for example. A customized approach is also important. Parents with children require a completely different approach than business travellers.”

These interviews led to the creation of the new security concepts tested in a Security Living Lab in Departure Hall 2 in July and August of 2019. A security host welcomes passengers and helps them navigate their security check. For families with children or passengers requiring assistance, there is a special Family Lane. Here a security nanny will temporarily keep children busy so their parents have their hands free to put baggage, laptops and liquids on the conveyor belt. Maaike: “The focus is on a personal and pleasant approach by security staff. This includes attention to human needs in a process where security and speed are important.”

Uplifting reactions

The significant increase in the Net Promotor Score during the Living Lab showed that passengers appreciate this personal and pleasant approach during security checks. Maaike: “Of course Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is very happy with these results, and we will be starting a Schiphol-wide roll-out of the security concepts in the short term.”

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