Together with ‘Dutch Drone Delta’: Exploring the future of Urban Air Mobility

During Amsterdam Drone Week (4-6 December 2019 at Amsterdam RAI), Royal Schiphol Group joined forces with 12 other participants to map out all the potential benefits drones and Urban Air Mobility can bring to the Netherlands. The use of drones is expected to expand in the future to include passenger transport, and Dutch Drone Delta was founded to explore this future, providing a platform for the eventual development of smart, sustainable solutions. Achieving this goal will require close collaboration and the will to innovate through action.

Dutch Drone Delta team

Urban Air Mobility

The Dutch Drone Delta partnership was founded on 1 January 2020, with a primary focus on Urban Air Mobility: passenger transport by air taxis using vertical take-off and landing. Urban Air Mobility will require the integration of this form of mobility not only in the air, but also on the ground. The first year of the collaboration will focus on researching the requirements and potential locations of this integrated infrastructure, as well as investigating the effects of Urban Air Mobility on people’s living environments.

The partners

The partners in the Dutch Drone Delta coalition bring not only financial investment but also the necessary knowledge, expertise, experience and clout to create drone applications and to build towards the future of Urban Air Mobility. Those partners include KLM, Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL), Port of Rotterdam, KPN, insurance provider a.s.r., RAI, Connekt, Antea Group, Space53, Royal NLR, Achmea, AirHub and Rijkswaterstaat.

The collaboration

At its heart, the collaboration aims to achieve the secure, sustainable and economically feasible integration of new mobility. The partners believe that the Netherlands is in a great position to play a leading role in this project, given the country’s rich aviation history, its innovative culture and the value it places on cooperation – all characteristics that make ambitious achievements possible.

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