Empowered people, operational excellence: Schiphol Today

The Schiphol Today app provides floor managers with real-time information and a clear overview of the work situation for each day. It also features a personalised work package that shows you at a glance what you’ll be doing during your shift. The app offers a clear briefing, insight into your daily to-do list and the other tools you need to help you do your job.

Before the start of my shift, I like to prepare for the new working day ahead. I always check to see what area I’ll be working in, who I’ll be working with and how busy it’s going to be. This app is really useful!
Nadine van Hellemondt, floor manager

Personalised work schedules and real-time updates on irregularities

Floor managers start the day with an in-app briefing, after which they go through their digital workflow for the day. The app provides an overview of which airline will be checking in at which desk at any given time. If a check-in time changes, the app will send a notification so the bay flow can be adjusted before a blockage occurs. In addition, users always have an up-to-date view of all irregularities for each work area. This could be anything from a film shoot in the terminal, to a technical malfunction or construction work. It also ensures that malfunction reports are only registered once and it prevents data loss.

Continuous development through user feedback

The Schiphol Today app is in continuous development, and user feedback plays a key role in this process. By talking to users, we can add the kind of functionalities to the app that they would like to see. By digitising various processes in the app, floor managers get to spend less time on admin and more time on providing excellent service to passengers.

The Schiphol Today app is only available for floor managers at Schiphol Airport.

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