What have we learned?: A year’s worth of feedback on our toilets

On 1 October 2018, we personally installed the first-ever FeedbackNow voting points in the airport toilets. Now, more than a year later, 400 voting points at 160 locations generate an average of 600,000 votes a month. For the past few months we have been following the votes online in real time on the Smart Facilities Platform, helping our Main Contractors develop an on-demand cleaning schedule based on real-time data.

Collective goals

The Smart Facilities Platform is being developed as an intensive collaboration between the Digital & Innovation, ASM Facilities and Customer Insights departments and the Main Contractors. We have set two joint targets: a higher score for sanitary hygiene perception and a higher goal of positive (green) votes.

Results after one year

A year after this initiative began, we can see that the initial findings are positive. Whereas our Passenger Experience Survey yields 1,500 votes every 2 months, we now have real-time insight into an average of 600,000 votes a month! Hygiene perception in our sanitary facilities has gone up, and we have learned that passengers tend to give older toilet facilities a lower score. Based on this data, the Passenger eXperience team has initiated the ‘Upgrade Module’ project.

Taking our cleaning services from reactive to proactive

In 2020, we will continue to develop the Smart Facilities Platform by combining a range of data sources, identifying data trends and patterns and sharing prognoses. This data will make the Main Contractors’ working methods smarter and more effective. We are joining forces to create an outstanding experience in Schiphol’s ‘smallest rooms’.

Watch the video about Smart Facilities at Schiphol

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