Want to work at Schiphol?

Around 60,000 employees at various companies at and around Schiphol keep the airport running every single day. You could be one of those and we could really use your help. There's sure to be a position that suits you, whatever your work experience, level of education or background. Curious about the kinds of jobs you can do at Schiphol? Here's a small sample of the positions available at the airport.

Roll up your sleeves in the operation

As you are probably already aware, Schiphol has recently been experiencing a shortage of staff. Unfortunately, the entire traveller journey from check-in to boarding has often been taking longer than usual. We could really use some new colleagues! Come and work at security and check that travellers are okay to fly. Or roll up your sleeves on the apron where you'll help load and unload baggage and cargo.

Vacancies at Schiphol

On the 'Werk at Schiphol' (Work at Schiphol) platform, you will find all relevant information on vacancies, internships and aviation-related training courses. The platform focuses on intake, transfer and mobility. Werk op Schiphol is intended for:

  • Anyone looking for a job but have no idea yet what the opportunities are at Schiphol
  • Jobseekers keen to work at Schiphol and looking for targeted vacancies
  • Workers at Schiphol who want to take the next step in their career within the aviation sector (and do not know what the options are)
  • Students looking for an internship or side job

Among the travellers

While going on holiday yourself might be the most fun, working in a place where people are in a holiday mood is great too. You will be surrounded by travellers in the shops and restaurants at the airport, where you'll help ensure that they can enjoy some last-minute shopping or relax with a snack and a drink before flying. Can't work full-time? No problem! A job in the hospitality or retail sector at Schiphol is also ideal if you want to work part-time or if you are looking for a holiday job.

Behind the scenes in the office

Do you prefer an office environment? We have a lot to offer there too. More than two thousand colleagues with many different areas of expertise – from real estate to IT, and from communication to logistics – work at the office. Together, we are responsible for creative and innovative solutions to help make Schiphol the most sustainable and high-quality airport in the world.

Good to know: security screening

Safety is top priority at Schiphol. That's why security screening is required for many positions at the airport, both at the office and in the terminal and airside. The so-called Declaration of No Objection (VGB in Dutch) is issued by the General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD). Your employer will tell you more about this.

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