Flying from Schiphol with your baby

Perhaps you feel a bit apprehensive about travelling with your youngest. What will that be like at a busy Schiphol? After all, you'll have your hands full queueing up with a small child. To help you, here are some questions and answers about flying with a baby.

Where can I change my baby?

At Schiphol, you can always go to one of the various Baby Care locations. You'll find them at the toilets and other sanitary facilities. If you are flying outside the Schengen Zone, you can also make use of the Baby Care Lounge located on Holland Boulevard, after security. You can even give your baby a bath there.

Can I breastfeed or express my milk at Schiphol?

Yes, the Baby Care locations offer a quiet place to breastfeed your baby or express your milk. Follow the signs to the toilets.

Where can my baby sleep?

In the Baby Care Lounge, there is a baby hotel with seven bed cabins where your baby can rest. There are comfortable chairs and sofas for you to relax on too.

How much baggage can I bring for my baby?

A baby often means carrying a lot of things with you. Your airline will be able to tell you how much you can bring on board. They can also indicate whether you may bring a heavier bag as hand baggage or whether certain baby items need to be put in the hold.

Can I take baby food in my hand baggage?

If you are travelling with your child, you are allowed to take baby food or formula with you in your hand baggage. The container may be larger than 100ml.

Can I use my pram or buggy at Schiphol?

You are often able to take your own pram or buggy with you as hold baggage, but always check with your airline. At the airport, you can leave your child in their pram or buggy until you get to the gate.

Can I travel with a sick child?

Every child feels under the weather now and again. However, if your baby has an infectious disease like mumps, whooping cough, measles or chickenpox, you'll need a medical certificate from your doctor stating that it is safe for them to fly. At Schiphol, you can ask Airport Medical Services for advice.

Can my baby stay on my lap?

You will travel with your baby on your lap in the plane, unless you have made other arrangements with your airline. Intercontinental flights sometimes have special travel cots on board, for example.

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