To do for kids: Keep your kids amused

Get ready for an adventure! Schiphol is a great place for young children, with plenty of activities and fun things to do. Let your young ones burn off some pre-flight energy before their flight so they will feel calmer on-board.

Places to see:

  • Nemo (Holland Boulevard)
    NEMO is a science museum in Amsterdam and one of the country’s most popular family attractions. It is filled with interactive games and activities, where young ones can learn more about science and technology. Schiphol has a small offshoot of Nemo, with 8 cool exhibits where you can make sound waves visible, tame electricity and mix your face with that of someone else's.
  • Aircraft playset (Lounge 2)
    So many kids want to know what it's like to be a pilot. With that in mind, we collaborated with KLM to create a cool and colourful toy airplane, located on the first floor of Lounge 2. Kids can run and jump around with glee while the rest of the family keeps a watchful eye from the surrounding picnic tables.
Levensgrote knuffelbeer
  • Life-sized cuddly toys (Holland Boulevard)
    Free hugs at Schiphol! Your young ones will love the enormous stuffed animals on Holland Boulevard, created by artist Florentijn Hofman. Let your kids cuddle and play around with the toys, while you enjoy a great view over the platform.
  • Airport Park (Lounge 1)
    Airport Park is the only place after passport controls where you can go outside for some fresh air. There are plenty of comfortable lounge chairs and beanbags where you can relax with a coffee in hand. You can even charge your electronic devices using the special exercise bikes!
Doorkijk bagageband
  • See-through to baggage band (Lounge 2)
    Schiphol processes tens of millions of suitcases a year using its ultramodern baggage handling sys-tem. If you want to know how it works, head to the escalators in Lounge 2. There is a window on the ground where you can see the inner workings of the system.
  • Toy stores Let’s Play & Toys (Lounge 2 and 3 - Lounge 1)
    ‘Let’s Play’ and ‘Toys’ are two of the best places to visit with your youngsters at Schiphol. Each shop holds a great selection of cuddly toys, games, puzzles and more – from classics to the coolest must-have collectibles. You’re bound to find whatever toy you’re looking for right here!