Total Airport Management ambition

As Schiphol, we want to work with our partners today to address the challenges of tomorrow. It is important to work together as one system to continue to ensure efficient, predictable and high-quality operations. We need to do this together in a proactive and upfront way.

That is why we need to start working on the solutions today. It is important to work together as one ecosystem to ensure efficient, predictable and high-quality operations also in the future. We need to do this proactively and by looking ahead.

Total Airport Management makes the chain manageable. The ultimate goal is to jointly improve performance. We encourage intensive cooperation on the common goals of the airport sector, in which all parties dare to jump over their own shadow and the collective interest becomes the driving force to achieve results together.

TAM is about making the chain manageable

Total Airport Management is a European initiative to increase cooperation between all the different parties in the aviation chain. After all, Schiphol is part of a larger chain: the European aviation network. What we do affects the process at other airports. Every flight that leaves Schiphol late also arrives late somewhere else, thus causing delays there too. And it works the other way round, as aircraft arriving late from that same network cause delays here. This is what led to all major airports in Europe working according to the Total Airport Management concept.


Total Airport Management is an all-encompassing look at operations to ensure that we can better match capacity and supply. Total Airport Management allows airports to have a grip on their processes, with the aim of ensuring predictable operations and therefore satisfied passengers. This benefits both the European network and the airport itself. The APOC plays an important role within the European network, communicating proactively with the air traffic control organisation (Eurocontrol). This helps to limit surprises and increase the predictability of operations. This allows the whole chain to perform better on the ground and within the European network. And we help each other towards a future-proof operation.

Implementing Total Airport Management

Setting up the APOC (our physical location) and introducing the AOP (the product that the APOC delivers on a daily basis) are some of the building blocks on the way to Total Airport Management that we have already laid down. However, TAM is never completely finished and remains under constant development. By cooperating intensively with all parties in the airport chain and sharing information and data, we have ongoing control over the entire airport process. That is the vision of TAM.