Demand Capacity Balancing

Capacity in aviation is a multifaceted concept. It involves available air space, the number of runways available, the number of check-in counters, and ground handling capacity. As you can imagine, flow speed is determined by the ‘weakest’ cross-section of a piece of infrastructure.

That is why we in the APOC are working to match supply with available capacity. By looking ahead with our partners, we can see major capacity bottlenecks coming and determine their integral impact. By identifying bottlenecks in forecasts and schedules, and implementing management measures as early as possible, we optimise the capacity we can handle as a chain.

When we know what is coming in terms of supply and capacity, we can better coordinate schedules. In addition, identifying integral disruptions allows us to prepare for them and limit disruptions. In this way, we improve predictability and increase the time we have to anticipate.