Privium for American Express members: A fast and extra comfortable Schiphol experience

Passengers who use the AMEX Platinum Card can now travel even faster and in even greater comfort from Schiphol. The card already offered a high level of service as standard, but now it has been upgraded with Privium Plus – and with no extra fees for the cardholder.

Research commissioned by American Express has shown that the main priority for business travellers is a comfortable travel experience that lets them make their own choices. “As the boundary between work and free time becomes increasingly blurred, fast, comfortable travel is becoming the standard,” says Robert-Jan Meijers, Director of Marketing, Business Development & Partnerships at American Express. “Expanding our membership with Privium Plus gives frequent flyers an even higher level of comfort and convenience, both before and during their journey. This is how we aim to offer our cardholders the best possible travel experience.”

Discover the many benefits a Privium Plus membership brings: accelerated security and border passage with an iris scan, use of Privium parking locations and access to our exclusive ClubLounges, to name but a few. Visit for more information about Privium.