Nitrogen action plan

Burning fossil fuels for purposes such as aviation, road traffic and industry releases nitrogen. Royal Schiphol Group has worked for many years now to reduce its emissions, including nitrogen, and we have already taken a range of measures to achieve this goal. All our Dutch airports have been powered by wind energy since 2018, and a significant proportion of our vehicles are electric. We also promote and support sustainable transport to and from the airport and stimulate the increased sustainability of air traffic.

Nitrogen emissions have attracted a lot of attention recently. Royal Schiphol Group is clear in its position that all sectors, including aviation, need to help tackle this issue, which is why the airport is redoubling its efforts to introduce measures that can reduce emissions. We also follow developments in government policy very carefully. This site provides information about the steps we have already taken to reduce our nitrogen emissions, what we intend to do in the near future and our plans for the longer term.

How is Schiphol reducing its nitrogen emissions?