News: Work on staircases/escalators at Plaza is going smoothly

In the last year, we have worked hard at replacing and updating the lifts, staircases and escalators from Plaza down to the train platforms. Work was also performed on fire separations on the train platforms. The work is going as planned and will be completed at the end of April. Due to these adjustments there is more space available at platform level, allowing railway passengers to board and disembark trains faster, preventing crowding on platforms.

Published on: 22 February 2024

A lot has already been completed: ramps have been replaced by fixed staircases and the existing and new staircases have been widened. Also, some fixed staircases were replaced by escalators. The platform lifts were all renovated at the beginning of 2023. The last item on the to-do list is working on the elevation point canopies at the Plaza façade (see image below). This work will commence in September of 2024.

stijgpuntkappen plaza