News: Piers up and running

Piers D, F, and G are up and running. The work is continuing, and we are pleased to tell you what kind of changes have been made in the past few weeks – and what is planned.

Published on: 8 May 2019

Working on F and G

A great deal happened on piers F and G during the first few weeks of April. At the start of the month, we put the reading and internet table in the atrium of Pier G. Work on the refurbishment of Pier F, including the boarding area, is still in full swing. Also, at the end of this month we will be putting the acoustic panels above the ceiling in place. If everything goes according to schedule, the refurbishment will be more or less ready by the end of May. The installation work above the ceiling will continue until late June.


D is not being left out either

On Pier D, too, our work continues unabated. Gates D54 and D56 and bus gate D06 are already in use. Some of the gates are designed just a little differently to the others. Near D10, meanwhile, we have created a temporary retail outlet and House of Tulips has also opened its doors.

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