News: New temporary walkways between the piers

Schiphol would like to continue offering Schengen travellers the most efficient walking routes during the new terminal’s construction. We are installing two new temporary walkways to achieve that – one between the A-Pier and B-Pier (called the ‘A-B Link’) and one between the B-Pier and C-Pier (called the ‘B-C Link’). These temporary walkways will be in place until the new terminal is ready.

Installatie tijdelijke doorgang

Published on: 24 May 2020

Works to take place overnight

The A-B Link and B-C Link consists of prefabricated modules, each of which weigh around 250-tonnes. Those modules will need to be moved and installed during regular airport operations. That is a huge task, which requires work overnight and careful planning. All modules need to be moved, in part, over airside as they are assembled elsewhere to minimise disruption to air traffic.

tijdelijke doorgang b c link 03

The modules will be transported one by one to the correct location and installed overnight.

All modules for the B-C Link have now been installed in place. The last module of the A-B Link will be put in place before the end of the year.

tijdelijke doorgang b c link 02

Facts and figures

  • The A-B Link has 9 parts and the B-C Link has 8 parts
  • The A-B Link is 250-metres long and the B-C Link is 270-metres long
  • The prefabricated modules weigh around 250 tonnes and are assembled before placement
  • The temporary passages will remain in service until the new terminal is ready.