News: New stops for coaches and Ubers

Touring coaches, long-range coaches, crew transportation and taxis ordered by app (TOBA, such as Uber) will be moved to a new stop around the corner from Schiphol Plaza after the summer. Starting this fall, cabs ordered by app (TOBA, like Uber) and crew transportation can go to the so-called Operational Low, the new stop along Koepelstraat. Tourist buses and long-distance buses will follow later.

Published on: 31 July 2023

At the moment, these transport options stop on the D-lane of the bus station opposite Schiphol Plaza. To make room for the renovation and redevelopment of the bus station, they are being provided with a permanent new location. Passengers can follow the wayfinding (signs) to this new location.

nieuwe haltes touringcars
The new stops are shown in the pink shaded area along Koepelstraat, directly adjacent to the air traffic control tower.