News: In and around the mezzanine floor

In the summer of 2020, we will be opening the first six security lanes on the mezzanine floor. We have our work cut out for us! We need tight schedules and everyone’s shoulders to the wheel to complete this new mezzanine floor. But: we have absolute confidence in the successful completion of this project. More about the current state of affairs below.

Published on: 14 October 2019

First things first: demolition

Over the past few weeks, demolition has been our main focus. At the central stairway/lift at Plaza (ground floor) dust partitions have been put in place around La Place Express. We are removing containers full of cables and pipes to make room for the steel needed for the new staircase, escalator and lift in this spot.

We are also tearing down areas around the mezzanine, to create room for the new security lanes. The former staff restaurant that used to be located here on the second floor, is now almost unrecognizable. In recent weeks the interior has been completely removed, including the concrete floor.

The space formerly used by the Swissport lounge in Departure Lounge 1 also has to go. We had already done a fair bit of demolition here, including the interior, kitchen, toilets and installations. The focus is now on removing the floor, cables and pipes. This area is set to become part of the KLM Business Class Departure Lounge.

Time to rebuild!

Of course, we are doing much more than simply tearing things down. We are already working on a new staircase, escalator and lift in Departure Hall 1, which will connect Departure Hall 1, the mezzanine floor and Departure Lounge 1 in the future. We are currently moving a lot of installations in Arrivals 1 and the Privium Lounge in order to construct the openings for this new staircase, escalator and lift.

We are also working on a new staircase, escalator and lift between Departure Hall 1 and 2. Via this route, passengers without hold baggage will be able to access the mezzanine floor to go directly to security. They will no longer have to pass through the busy check-in area in Departure Hall 1.

In the next few weeks we will be putting our shoulders to the wheel to create the facilities necessary for the opening of the new security filter on the mezzanine. We can’t wait!