News: Havenmeesterweg closed to traffic from 04:00 a.m. 15 December 2019

We are currently building the new pier, while simultaneously preparing the construction of the new terminal. Because this new terminal will be built across part of Havenmeesterweg, it will no longer be possible to use that road. Havenmeesterweg will be permanently closed to traffic on 15 December 2019 at 04:00 a.m. The public paid parking places on Havenmeesterweg can no longer be used from then on.

New route via Koepelstraat

From 04:00 a.m. on 15 December, traffic will take a new road towards Schiphol Plaza and the terminal: Koepelstraat. The road runs under the Ceintuurbaan Zuid viaduct (the elevated roads).

Published on: 21 October 2019

Read here what the new route specifically means for the various traffic flows.