Construction works at Schiphol: What the works mean for you

The goal of Schiphol’s construction projects is to prepare our airport for the future. Some changes will take place along the way – and you can stay up-to-date about those changes right here.

April 2019 - summer 2019 | Activities intersection: Handelskade - Havenmeesterweg - Herbergierstraat

The intersection is being relocated to make space for the new pier. We expect the work to be complete by the summer of 2019. Roads and workplaces will remain accessible during this period. Because refurbishments or not: Schiphol never stops.

March 2019-end of 2019 | Panorama Terrace temporarily closed

Access to the Panorama Terrace will be temporarily suspended, due to works in and around Departures 1. The Panorama Terrace will reopen to the public at the end of 2019 with a brand new access route.

September 2018 | Building works Cockpitplein, P8 and P10

Building works will commence on Cockpitplein as of 1 September 2018. As a result, Cockpitplein, P8 and P10 will be closed permanently.

Read more about the closing of the Cockpitplein, P8 and P10.

May 2018 – summer 2020 | New viaduct at Ceintuurbaan Zuid

Cables and pipes will be laid in the ground between P1 car park and the site of the former P2 car park. These works are essential for the new pier and terminal. Once the foundations are complete, we will build a new viaduct that will connect to the new terminal on departure level, which will be the future Ceintuurbaan Zuid. It will be placed next to the current viaduct. There will be minimal interruptions to traffic during this time.

March 2018 - June 2019 | Jan Dellaertplein and Skyport area activities

Access to Jan Dellaertplein and the Skyport area will be changed. This situation is due to growth in traveller numbers, as well as construction of our new pier and terminal. Both Jan Dellaertplein and the Skyport area will remain accessible for buses, cars, cyclists and pedestrians. The pedestrian tunnel to the old P2 will also be removed. In addition, traffic controllers will be deployed to direct traffic during the works, where necessary.

There is a roundabout in front of the Koninklijke Marechaussee (Police Station) at Bemanningencentrum. From here, cars from Havenmeesterweg will not be able to turn into the Arrivals Passage. The reverse loop will remain the same, but with some slight adjustments because we will remove the remaining part of the Departure Passage ramp, which is above the roundabout. The roads will not close during the works, and the Koninklijke Marechaussee Office (Police Station), Skyport, the Cockpitplein and the traffic tower will remain accessible as usual.

The remainder of the old elevated Departure Passage ramp will be demolished to make way for the new Ceintuurbaan Zuid viaduct.

February 2018 – January 2023 | P2 used as a construction site

The site of the former P2 car park will be used as a construction site, and will remain that way until the new terminal opens around 2023.

Schiphol’s plans for the future

We are hard at work preparing Schiphol for the future – under a very tight deadline. Planner Pieter-Bas Siebers has been involved with the construction of the new pier and terminal since day one.

Interview Marco Schravesande: Renovating Schiphol

Project manager Marco Schravesande is currently involved in part of the infrastructural adjustments on landside. As Marco himself said, ‘roads, intersections, pipelines ... everything that’s needed around the construction of the new pier and terminal.'

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