News: A world of improvements in Departure Hall 1

Reimagining spaces, installing new stairways, lifts and escalators, creating new catering and conference rooms: the hard work continues in Departure Hall 1. Things might seem quiet but appearances can be deceptive: behind the hoardings and in the immediate vicinity of the departure hall, work is ongoing to make the redevelopment of Departure Hall 1 a resounding success. Here’s an overview of the world of improvements currently underway.

Published on: 31 January 2020

Newer, faster routes

The mezzanine, our beautiful new balcony floor, is ready and waiting with open arms for its new security lanes. But security lanes also need efficient routes for passengers to come and go, and that’s where the focus currently lies. A few weeks ago we started dismantling one of the existing escalators, which formed part of the previous route to the Panorama Terrace.

When it comes to redevelopment, for passengers it’s a case of ‘the faster, the better’. It’s a wish we intend to deliver on: at the frontage of Departure Hall 1, a new escalator and lift are in the making, to enable passengers without hold baggage to proceed straight to the mezzanine security zone. In the coming weeks, we will start constructing the shafts for the lifts and escalators. A section of the frontage will also be renewed for this purpose. We are currently removing the adjacent asphalt, before constructing the new frontage from the outside.

KLM Crown Lounge Europa

More space, same surface area? In the renovation of the KLM Business Class Lounge (Crown Lounge Europa) that’s exactly the plan. Construction is now well underway. Space has been sacrificed on one side to accommodate new escalators and a lift, while on the other side space is being gained. Thanks to an ingenious design, the end result will be a spacious facility with more seating for travellers. Not only that, but the look & feel of the lounge will remain as stylish as ever.

Coffee on the Panorama Terrace

Enjoying a panoramic view of the airport while sipping coffee in comfort: that will soon be reality thanks to the new catering and conference facilities being built on the third floor of Departure Hall 1. These are already starting to taking shape, with the fitting of installations and the placement of dividing walls.