Our data protocol and processing agreement: Let’s share data

When processed and applied correctly, data offers the potential for innovative solutions. Consumers and businesses can benefit from sharing data and take advantage of the opportunities and (business) value data processing can offer.

Why these agreements?

To ensure speedy innovations and to respect current regulation, Schiphol employs a data protocol and data processing agreement. We are happy to tell you more about them on this page.

Data protocol

  • Provides the basic conditions and a transparent framework for any initiative that involves the exchange of operational airport data.
  • It’s a voluntary agreement.
  • Applies equally to all airport users and is subject to the same conditions.
  • Creates a levelled playing field for all airlines.
  • Future changes can be made collectively, including all airlines.

Data processing agreement

  • This concerns processing data, and handling personal information in particular.
  • To meet GDPR-compliancy.
  • Outlined: subject matter and duration, the nature and purpose of the processing, the type of personal data to be processed, the categories of data subjects and the rights and obligations of the controller are covered with this agreement.
  • It is a non-negotiable document, as required by EU-legislation.
  • Creates a levelled playing field for all airlines.

At Schiphol, the need for data sharing and processing often arises from a business driver or business development process. To facilitate and approve this process, the legal department plays a crucial role. For questions pertaining to either department, we have assigned a designated point of contact.

Questions about sharing data? Contact us

  • Koen van Nol

    Legal officer data governance

    Koen van Nol