Data governance: Why do we agree to share data?

When processed and applied correctly, data offers the potential for innovative solutions. Consumers and businesses can benefit from sharing data and take advantage of the opportunities and (business) value data can offer. To ensure the speedy creation and delivery of these solutions, we have created a data protocol. This agreement allows all parties involved to prevent time-consuming legal disputes. Furthermore, it efficiently facilitates the innovation process while working together on data projects.

Why have a data protocol?

Schiphol’s Data Protocol forms the basic principles Schiphol adheres to, concerning the exchange of data between Royal Schiphol Group and airlines or other partners. It forms a solid framework, to which more details or further agreements can be added.

What is a data protocol?

The data protocol is a voluntary agreement. It aims to provide a transparent framework for any initiative that involves the exchange of operational airport data. The agreement applies equally to all airport users and they are subject to the same conditions.

More about sharing data

  • Data processing agreement

    Explore our policy to find out how we process your data.

  • Use of Schiphol data

    Create or increase your own business value with airport data

Most important subjects in the data protocol?

  • (Digital) Ambition of Parties
  • Scope
  • Governance
  • Use of data
  • Confidentiality

Frequently asked questions about the data processing agreement

What are the advantages of a data protocol?

A signed data protocol acts as a solid stepping-stone for the future exchange of valuable data. By agreeing on the fundamentals, it will be easier to cooperate effectively on data-related projects that lie ahead.

What is the process for approving the data protocol?

  • Download the data processing agreement and consult with your signing authority.
  • Contact a member of our legal staff or a business developer if you have further questions.
  • Please find their contact details here.
  • They are your designated point of contact for any questions relating to the data processing agreement.
  • Sign the data processing agreement (by a signing authority).

Why is the data processing agreement non-negotiable?

The data processing agreement (DPA) contains basic conditions on the processing of personal data. These fundamental principles will be equally available to all airport users under the same conditions. A non-negotiable data processing agreement is the only way to make this possible.

  • The DPA has been created based on GDPR guidelines.
  • It creates a level playing field for all airlines.
  • Appendices relate to a specific circumstance or situation and can be added

Who can I contact with questions about the data protocol?

The data protocol overlaps two departments: legal & business
Business contact: Christiaan Snabel
Legal contact: Koen van Nol

Do other documents need to be signed before exchanging data?

The data processing agreement is one of the two documents that need to be signed before sharing data. The other is the data protocol, which further outlines the conditions of working together on data projects at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Read more about the data protocol
Download the data protocol